My Apps and Software

I create many free apps. 

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Cancelled Apps

Cancelled apps are no longer updated but most of them should still work.

Companion for The Escapists
Companion for The Escapists
Companion for Galactic Civilizations III
Companion for Galactic Civilizations III
Companion for The Elder Scrolls Online
Companion for The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Research Assistant (ESORA)
ESO Research Assistant (ESORA)

WoW Launcher 2

WoW Launcher PLUS

WoW-Handwerk Launcher


Countdown Apps

Custom kiosk software

Websites and e-Shops

for local companies

and more!

Custom Software

We develop unique, professional looking software programs including, multi-media presentations, database type programs, utility programs, computer games for personal or business (geared towards your needs) and interactive computer training systems. 


The packages are fully featured and can include Installation routines that installs the software on your customers' computer and supply Uninstall information. These packages can be completely branded in your name and are easily distributed via online web downloads (for sales or promotional use) or on custom manufactured and packaged media such as CD, DVD, memory sticks, flash drives or other mediums.


The customized software is designed to your requirements and is compatible with a variety of end-user delivery methods such as: Downloadable software from a website or media based, such as CD, DVD, USB key, etc


Just tell us what kind of software you need and we may be able to help you.


Some examples of what we can offer:

  • Custom Launchers for Games or Servers (MMO)
  • Databases for all kinds of data
  • Digital business cards
  • Custom Webbrowsers with your brand
  • Custom Music & Video Players
  • Autorun CD/DVD Menus
  • Custom Software Installers
  • Portfolio showcases
  • Advertising on kiosk computers
  • Company Multimedia Promotions
  • Interactive Training apps
  • and almost any other computer based application you can think of


Properties of our software:

  • High quality
  • No Viruses
  • No Spyware
  • No Adware
  • No Malware
  • No Tracking
  • No Forced Updates