Possible new way to publish for Android: Crosswalk

The latest beta build of Construct 2 added support for Crosswalk, a possible new way to publish our games for Android. It's a Chromium-based app engine and has some advantages over wrappers:


  • WebGL support (which Crosswalk enables for all devices)
  • Memory management so large games keep running smoothly and don't crash
  • Fast startup times
  • Letterbox fullscreen modes supported
  • Web Audio API support for reliable audio playback and advanced audio effects
  • Web Workers for faster pathfinding
  • Latest JIT-capable V8 Javascript engine for native-like physics performance with asm.js
  • Full DOM support: all form controls work; support for web-based services like the Facebook plugin and Clay.io
  • Support for XML parsing
  • Support for web fonts
  • Regular updates to bring the latest new technologies and performance improvements as they arrive to Chrome

And Intel is providing the build service for free!


There may be some issues to resolve before it's ready for publishing, but once those are fixed it should no longer be necessary to use any non-browser wrappers on Android any more. We will try Crosswalk after the holidays and use it to publish our games for Android if it works well.


Merry Christmas from the whole team!

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