Early Access: Sea Frenzy

Sea Frenzy

I am currently working on a new game called "Sea Frenzy".

The game started as very small project to practice some new things in Construct 2 but gradually grew as the "feature creep" (tm?) started to haunt me.
But I have a list of features and things to add for the final release. If everything goes well future updates may add more content after the final release.

A Devlog with regular updates is available on Game Jolt.


Sea Frenzy is a small action game where you are a small fish in the ocean. What do you do? You need to feed and survive!

Features in this early version:

  • eat and grow to swallow even bigger fish!
  • one event where you need to dodge enemy fish
  • leaderboards to see who is the best fish in the ocean

Features coming in future updates:


  • multiple randomized events and bosses
  • achievements, who doesn't love trophies?!
  • controller support - or did someone already invent the transparent finger?
  • progression system to unlock new goodies for your fish

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